7 Technologies Shaping the Future of Metaverse

1. Synesthesia and Sensory Tech

In The Academy of the Senses, Frans Evers describes the idea of synesthesia as the ability for our five senses to be rerouted, during to the way that our brain is able to adapt to new situations and ideas.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality

The coronavirus pandemic has put a real focus on remote work and having the flexibility to work from anywhere.

3. De-centralized Tech

The concept of the metaverse would not possibly be coming to fruition were it not for blockchain technology.

4. Responsible AI

One of the main drawcards for the metaverse and the basis for its likely success will be the inclusion and addition of immersive, in-person experiences.

5. Brain-Computer Interface

A brain-computer interface system could be used to track brain activity, such as the Neurable virtual reality game “Awakening”.

6. Network Hubs

Like any internet system, networking will be required.

7. Internet of Everything (IoE)

A phrase termed, resourced and most often related to Cisco, the Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that seeks to take aim at the bigger picture in which the Internet of Things fits.


The human propensity to develop new and immersive experiences will no doubt see the metaverse become a reality.



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Afzal Ibrahim

Afzal Ibrahim

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