The Four Moments of Corporate Innovation

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The goal became to maintain the position through constantly innovating in their niche, as well as extending their activity to other connected branches of industry.

The four key moments of any creative process

What you fancied to be an outrageously fun job description, is, in fact, a task that comes with a lot of responsibility, a process of trial and error, and ultimately a great amount of analysis.

The DULL moments..

When we’re talking about corporate innovation projects ‘good enough’ is what will maintain the company’s presence in the market, whereof ‘great’ will ensure a competitive advantage as it will predict a future trend.

As of this reason, the challenging process of iteration marking the work from good to great is mandatory, for without it the idea will not be an innovation, but nothing more than a suitable solution.

The DIRTY moments..

But if we look at the birth of our universe we understand the meaning and importance of the primordial chaos out of which stars and planets, and ultimately, life, were born. The primordial chaos is the ocean of infinite potentiality out of which things pop up in existence.

The DEXTEROUS moments..

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The DEAR moments..

Closing thoughts..



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