What is Quantum Computing?

Image Credit — NatureVideo

Problem Statement and Opportunities

Quantum Computing — Two Problem Statements

Problem 1: Optimization — Best possible solution out of many possible solutions

Spaghetti junction — 7 roads, 2 railway lines, three canals and two rivers in Birmingham — intersects to go 150+ destinations (finding the optimized route)

Problem 2: Exponentiality

Ability to solve such complex problems of a high magnitude that are beyond the capabilities of supercomputers, and more importantly much efficient than supercomputers of this era makes quantum computing relevant

What is Quantum Computing?

A quantum computing is the mechanism that performs calculations based on the behavior of particles at the sub-atomic level — leveraging the techniques of superposition and entanglement

Quantum Computers — Why is it different?

Real World Applications





Tech, Design, and Art — love’em all. Curator at theartist.me

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Afzal Ibrahim

Afzal Ibrahim

Tech, Design, and Art — love’em all. Curator at theartist.me

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